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Top New Orleans Snacks for Welcome Bags

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Linzy Haueter

Top New Orleans Snacks for Welcome Bags

Hosting an event in New Orleans? Welcome your guests with the perfect amenity gift! New Orleans has been a premier place for meeting, collaborating, and creating for over 300 years. The Big Easy boasts a walkable downtown, world class event facilities, simple transportation, amazing food, rich music, history, and culture, a sustainable and family-friendly atmosphere, and top awards and recognition, naming it among the “Top 50 Meeting Destinations in the U.S.” Start your event off right in this southern city as spirits are lifted in Mardi Gras fashion when the taste of Louisiana is discovered inside every snack gift bag!

Bowtiebags partners with several companies in New Orleans in order to create gift bags filled with snacks exclusively from the southern city. Zapp’s Chips, Aunt Sally’s, Lolli’s Chocolates, Odi’s Cookies and Cafe Du Monde provide snacks featured in all three New Orleans gift bag package options (Gold, Platinum, and Diamond). Packages (min. order qty 25 bags) start at just $24.99/bag, delivered. This includes:

  • FREE personalized 3” X 3” full-color gloss label
  • FREE personalized 8.5” X 11” full-color, double-sided welcome letter insert (upload at checkout, we will print, trifold, and include in each bag prior to delivery)
  • FREE Ground Shipping
  • Your choice of bag color: Tuxedo White, Harbor Grey, or Wedding Blue. Or order a mixture of colors if you’d like!
  • And lastly, and most importantly, the snacks!!

We hope your enjoy our blog virtual tour of our New Orleans snack vendor partners!


Aunt Sally’s

Let’s dive into some of the rich history of New Orleans’ most famous praline: Aunt Sally’s (https://auntsallys.com). These creamy pralines are featured in all three of our New Orleans snack gift bags. as a premium item in New Orleans gift bags. Aunt Sally’s emerged from the French Creole community in 1935. Today, the brand still represents New Orleans culture at their two locations in the city. The store’s Central Business District location is actually located next to another one of our New Orleans vendors, Cafe Du Monde! Be sure to stop by to smell the sweet aroma coming from the praline pots and enjoy a creole praline treat!


Cafe Du Monde

Another Bowtiebags partner you’ll find while strolling the streets of New Orleans is Cafe Du Monde (http://www.cafedumonde.com) . The coffee stand turned cafe, established in 1862, is open 24/7 with the exception of Christmas and days threatened by hurricane weather. The French inspired cafe is popular for their beignets and the Coffee that is found in all New Orleans gift bags!


Lolli’s Chocolates

Guests with a serious sweet tooth are in luck! Lolli’s Chocolates (https://www.lollischocolates.com) has been specializing in decadent chocolate treats for over a decade. Although the chocolate shops serving the New Orleans area depend on holidays to drive business, daily customers and partnerships with accounts like Bowtiebags contribute immensely to the sale and consumption of their Mardi Gras Mask and Mardi Gras Crown molded chocolates. Guests are sure to enjoy these fun New Orleans-themed chocolates!




Odi’s Cookies

Odi’s cookies (http://odisdelicacies.com) are perfect for any guest who appreciates a fine, family recipe. Odi’s cookies have been available to the public for the past 10 years. However, the Lebanese delicacies have been enjoyed by a family for many past generations. Now, the cookie lines and custom products can be purchased by appointment only, and are featured in all of Bowtiebags’ New Orleans gift bag packages.


Zapp’s Chips

Potato chip connoisseurs are in luck with the next New Orleans Bowtiebag find. Zapp’s potato chips by Utz Quality Foods are New Orleans Kettle Style snacks featuring a variety of flavors with a kick of cajun taste. They’ve been making these crunchy snacks for over 30 years! Just a Louisiana regional brand at first, the popularity of Zapp’s spiked enough to allow fans from far and wide to enjoy this delectable treat. If one fails to find a bag of Zapp’s at their local grocery store, they can be ordered online (https://www.utzsnacks.com/collections/all/) . However, event guests in New Orleans have the advantage of the fan favorite snack being delivered directly to the hotel or meeting they’re attending. Guests will surely fall in love with the special Voodoo flavor bursting from their New Orleans gift bag. Voodoo was discovered on accident by way of spice spill and embodies the best of salt and vinegar, smoky barbecue, and jalapeno flavors. The cajun sensation will have guests seeking out their generous coworkers for another bag of Zapp’s!



New Orleans Nut Company

New Orleans Nut Company (http://neworleansnutco.com) makes an appearance in both the Platinum and Diamond New Orleans snack packages. This snack embodies the taste of New Orleans culture with praline, cinnamon, and honey-glazed pecans. The company started selling their snacks from kiosks at nearby shopping centers before marketing products at state fairs, festivals, and other events in the Louisiana area. Now, New Orleans Nut Company products are available for retail and wholesale purchase. Along with their signature pecans, speciality items and chocolate covered options are available as well! Treat your guests to platinum or diamond gift bags in order to try this Premium item: Honey Glazed Pecans!



Bayou Blend Jerky & Kween Cake

We’ve saved treats from Kween Cake and Bayou Blend Jerky especially for the diamond package only! Bayou Blend is “Cajun Beef Jerky Done Right” (https://bayousnacks.com/products/) . Owner, Milton Hock, wanted to create a healthy, but tasty meat snack. Throughout the eighteen year production process, the goal remained to make a snack that captured the unique flavor of Louisiana cuisine while fighting the misconception that cajun food is always hot. Bayou Blend Meat Snacks represent the unique flavor of Louisiana, fit for non-natives and cajun country residents alike. Upgrade your package to give your event guests a super premium item and a special taste of New Orleans from Bayou Blend Meat Snacks!

From the Louisiana Praline Factory (https://louisianapralinefactory.com/our-products/) comes a twist on the traditional king cake and a replacement novelty to the beloved moon pie: Kween Cake. The Mardi Gras-inspired treat is featured in the New Orleans gift bag as a super premium item. Kween Cakes are a popular item, so we’ve saved them for guests with the biggest sweet tooth. Guests will appreciate the taste of Louisiana within this mardi gras colored novelty!




Gold, Platinum, or Diamond? Or, call us and build your own bag!


Each of our New Orleans snack gift bags is made up of the best snacks New Orleans has to offer. However, snacks are nothing without someone to enjoy them, so it’s time to treat your guests! Our Gold package includes snacks from Zapp’s, Aunt Sally’s, Lolli’s Chocolates, Odi’s Cookies, and Cafe Du Monde for $24.99 per bag, delivered. Remember, each package comes with all of the below:


  1. FREE personalized 3” X 3” full-color gloss label
  2. FREE personalized 8.5” X 11” full-color, double-sided welcome letter insert (upload at checkout, we will print, trifold, and include in each bag prior to delivery)
  3. FREE Ground Shipping
  4. Your choice of bag color: Tuxedo White, Harbor Grey, or Wedding Blue. Or order a mixture of colors if you’d like!
  5. And lastly, and most importantly, the snacks!!


Our Platinum package adds larger portions from Lollli’s and Aunt Sally’s, as well as a premium New Orleans Nut Company Pecan box for $34.99 per bag, delivered.  The Diamond package includes previously mentioned snacks, as well as Bayou Blend Beef Jerky and Kween Cake for $44.99 per bag, perfect for small meetings or family reunions! All gift bags include a water bottle, custom label, and welcome letter, which can be customized in accordance with each event. Guests will feel at home in New Orleans with their Louisiana-style snack gift bags! Wedding, conference, and corporate guests and event attendees will love everything these packages have to offer! Order yours now!

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