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Top 6 Super Bowl Snacks

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Mark Matos

Top 6 Super Bowl Snacks


Imagine this: it’s Sunday night, you’re sitting on the couch watching the Big Game at your friend’s Super Bowl party, you reach forward for the snack bowl sitting on the coffee table in front of you to grab a handful of snacks, only to pull out a handful of disappointment. Disgruntled, you think to yourself, “Who would lay out such an uninspired Super Bowl snack assortment for their event guests?!” Believe it or not, that thought alone evokes unshakable feelings of angst in most hosts, rendering them to hesitate when inviting guests over for parties.


Everyone knows delectable snacks and the Super Bowl are synonymous. You simply cannot have one without the other. The argument can even be made that the most integral part of every Super Bowl party is not the game watched, but the snacks consumed. Yet, which are considered top-flight when it comes to Super Bowl snacks? Stop guessing what snacks your guests might like and let us help. (We know a thing or two about snacks–you can find most of these items in many of our snack gift bags for out of town guests). Here are our Top Six Super Bowl snacks that should be considered for every Super Bowl party!


#6 Chocolate


Chocolate? Did you say chocolate? Yes, that’s right, we said chocolate. Chocolate is a snack that may seem a bit preposterous to serve at a Super Bowl party, but its versatility makes it a lock on our list of Super Bowl snacks. Want to spice up that bland bag of pretzel rods and box of strawberries? Dip them in melted chocolate and create delectable chocolate covered snacks. If you want to ‘go for two’, decorate your chocolate-covered snacks into footballs! Need a snack for your candy dish serving bowls? Bite-sized chocolate bars or Hershey’s Kisses can fill those bowls perfectly. Any way you slice it, chocolate has you covered.  


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#5 Nuts


Some people say Super Bowl Sunday is crazy, we say it’s “nuts.” Fire up your guests for the Big Game with assorted nuts. Nuts are a simple yet savory snack perfect for serving at any Super Bowl event. They are multi-dimensional, coming in many different types such as: peanuts, almonds, cashews, pistachios, and walnuts to name a few. Beyond that, they can be mixed with chocolate, cheese, dried fruit, and other nuts for a sweet and savory snack blend. This irresistible, crowd-pleasing Super Bowl snack is ready to tackle hunger. You would be nuts not to include nuts.


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#4 Beef Jerky


If you like a little kick to your snacks, this one’s for you! Impress your guests at your Super Bowl party with marinated beef jerky. Available in several, mouth-watering flavors, each with its own unique taste, beef jerky is a perfect snack for a Super Bowl party. Whether you’re craving original, spicy, peppered, or teriyaki beef jerky, this snack will have your taste buds dancing into the end zone. Incorporate beef jerky into your repertoire of Super Bowl snacks and elevate your snack game to the next level.


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#3 Popcorn


As NFL Hall of Famer Terrell Owens once said, “Get your popcorn ready, cause it’s going to be a show.” Since the beginning of time, big events and popcorn have coincided and the Super Bowl is no different. Popcorn is one of those snacks that guests can graze on with minimal guilt. So, what is the harm in adding it to your list of Super Bowl snacks? Don’t care for bland popcorn? Read your coverages like an elite Quarterback would and grab some popcorn seasoning to add some excitement to that bored bowl of popcorn.


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#2 Chips


What’s a Super Bowl party without chips? With an unparalleled combination of crispy and crunchy, chips have become a staple to Super Bowl party snacks. Today, there are chips for just about every flavor imaginable. Not to mention, chips go well with flavored dips, guacamole, and salsa, which deliver the perfect contrast to their saltiness. Get creative with the new flavored chips or stick to the timeless classics, either way your guests will leave satisfied!


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#1 Cookies


Put the finishing touches on your championship-caliber Super Bowl party with cookies. No matter how full your guests are by the end of the party, room can always be made for a little dessert, right? There is not a better way to cap off a Super Bowl party than serving a fresh batch of warm, gooey cookies to guests (or artfully decorated football-themed sugar cookies, like in our image below) . Whether celebrating the joys of victory or the agony of defeat, baking these sweet snacks for your Super Bowl party event guests can go a long way and leave a lasting impression on them.


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Utilize our top six Super Bowl snacks to sack the pressure of finding snacks for your Big Game party!

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