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5 Simple Steps to Order Snack Gift Bags from Bowtiebags

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Linzy Haueter

5 Simple Steps to Order Snack Gift Bags from Bowtiebags


Ordering snack gift bags from Bowtiebags is easier than ordering off Amazon! Let us introduce you to our smooth, simple, and seamless checkout process…


1. Select your Snack Package


Click ‘ORDER NOW’ and select your snack package. Each package we offer comes in three levels: Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. Upgrade your package to impress guests with more fun snacks representing your destination city! Our Local Flavor packages are stuffed with delectable treats from the very best snack vendors inside your destination city. We currently offer Cleveland, Chicago, and New Orleans with Las Vegas, Orlando and seven additional cities coming soon! Choose the quantity you’ll need for your event and proceed to the next step. Here’s where the fun starts!



Select Gold, Platinum, or Diamond snack package



Hover over a snack item to see its description



2. Choose Bag Color & Design Custom Label


It’s time to personalize! Choose from Tuxedo White, Harbor Grey, or Wedding Blue. Next, select a label template or upload your own image to welcome your guests with. Then, add personalized text with our label designer tool (for best results, complete this on a Laptop or Desktop).



Choose bag color



Choose label template



Add personalized text to label



3. Add Hospitality Items


Give your guests the VIP treatment with additional items not meant for snacking on. Items include Advil travel packet, Shout wipe stain remover, Altoids tin, and more! Sometimes life gets in the way of enjoying our most precious moments. Aunts, uncles, cousins, co-workers, and guests of all kinds will appreciate these bonus items!



Add hospitality items a la carte. Be sure your qty matches your total bags qty!



4. Upload a Welcome Letter


Personalize your bags even further by adding a welcome letter (we will print, trifold, and insert a copy in each bag). Create a message for your guests and leave the rest to us! Things such as a schedule of events or what to do in the city. We will print, tri-fold, and insert a copy inside each welcome bag. These personalized welcome messages can be sent in at anytime up to two weeks prior to the delivery date! What better way to impress event guests than with delicious snacks AND a gracious greeting?



Upload full-color welcome letter (PDF, Word, etc.) up to two pages (double-sided)



5. That’s it, you’re ready to Checkout!


Sit back, relax, and don’t forget to input your billing and delivery information. We will do the rest so that when your guests arrive to the event venue or hotel, their jaws will drop…because…snacking guests are the happiest guests 🙂






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