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Top 5 Instances Guests will thank you for their Wedding Welcome Bags

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Mark Matos

Top 5 Instances Guests will thank you for their Wedding Welcome Bags


Xenia, or in its English translation, “guest-friend relationship,” is the Ancient Greek concept of hospitality, generosity, and courtesy shown to those who are far away from home and or associates of the person bestowing the guest-friend relationship. This type of hospitality was very unusual and distinctive as strangers were greeted, treated, and showered with gifts upon their arrival at a new place. However, it is believed that fear of the gods, rather than pure decency, was the underlying cause of hosts’ exceptional treatment of their guests. Since hosts had no way of knowing who their visitors were, they were forced to treat every guest as if they were a god.


Now, we all know Zeus is not going to show up to your wedding disguised as a mortal to test your hospitality. The point is that, similar to xenia, hosts of weddings or any other event should go above-and-beyond to create an unforgettable first impression with their event guests. Ordering pre-filled wedding welcome bags for out-of-town guests to receive at hotel check-in embodies this concept. Not only are wedding welcome bags a perfect way to express your gratitude and exhibit your warm hospitality to guests, but soon you will realize that guests find them surprisingly useful too. Here is our top five instances you will catch your guests thanking you for their wedding welcome bags.





Boarding pass… Check. ID… Check. Snacks… Snacks? What would be a glaring omission from your traveling necessities, wedding welcome bags stuffed with mouth-watering treats inside are the ideal option for snacking on-the-go as an out-of-town guest. To summarize, it is the quintessential travel companion. Can you think of a better way to spend a layover or Uber ride to the airport than munching down the local flavor snacks inside your pre-filled, wedding welcome bag? Go ahead, we will wait. Traveling can work up a voracious appetite, which is why your wedding guests will be grateful for their wedding welcome bags.



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Weddings are times of celebration with the ones we love and care for most; there is no better example of this than the wedding reception after-party. However, we should advise caution as wedding celebrations have a heightened tendency to escalate quicker than most other celebrations. Which is why providing your attendees with personalized snacks inside their welcome bags to soak up their liquid mistakes will leave your wedding guests forever indebted to you.



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The goal of most ceremonies is to provide wedding guests with a warm, unique, and stress-free experience. Is that possible? Yes, but it demands the host’s diligence and ambition. However, more often than not, itineraries go awry and decisions have to be made on the fly. If this is the case, do not panic. Wedding welcome bags will save your wedding guests on your big day: having those snacks on-hand in times of need, especially during the long ‘dead periods’ that come with each wedding weekend, will be much appreciated.



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There is not any guilt in having a late-night snack if you’re on vacation, right? That old diet is a relic from your past life back at home. Give in to the temptation and shamelessly snack the night away. No need for expensive and slow room-service–wedding welcome bags will do the trick and be a knight in shining armor for your wedding guests. Create a lasting first impression with your out-of-town wedding guests by surprising them with thoughtful event welcome bags.



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A bygone luxury turned nuisance, traveling today will make you want to pull your hair out. Between checking into your flight, TSA security-screening, navigating the labyrinth of terminals and gates, boarding and de-boarding the airplane, and collecting your luggage at baggage claim, by the time you finally exit your Uber car and check in to your hotel room, all you want to do is unwind, refuel, and take a nap! Surprise your out-of-town wedding guests and shutter their ‘hangry’ side by providing them with pre-filled, wedding welcome bags stuffed with delectable snacks and treats upon their arrival at the hotel. There is no better feeling than knowing you have charmed your wedding guests as the first impression of the weekend to come.






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