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Top 5 Events to Order Welcome Bags

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Mark Matos

Top 5 Events to Order Welcome Bags


If you have ever organized an event, you understand how much detail goes into it. Typically, it can be quite chaotic, capable of testing even the most tolerant individual’s patience. So, why stress over choosing gift for your event guests?

In most cases, event attendees’ welcome bags are an afterthought to those organizing events, however, we should not be so eager to dismiss well-thought-out, personalized guest welcome bags. Events that give out the same, overplayed gifts to guests lack a certain dimension of personality and guest engagement. Whereas, events that provide customized welcome gifts leave guests with a lasting first impression. Encapsulating this concept, Bowtiebags’ welcome bags are the perfect gift for events. They can be tailored to accommodate a bevy of different events and guests.

But which events are considered best suited to give out personalized welcome bags to event guests? Well look no further because we have compiled a list of the Top 5 events to give out welcome bags.


#5 Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Rounding out our Top 5 is Bar and Bat Mitzvahs. They are regarded in a similar light as the other events that made our list, most notably weddings. A Bar and Bat Mitzvah is a Jewish tradition that marks the coming of age in young men and women as they enter adulthood. Commonly, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs bring in friends and family from out of town who often stay at a hotel venue close to the celebration. Demonstrate your hospitality and appreciation for event attendees coming to celebrate this once-in-a-lifetime event with pre-filled welcome bags. Your guests will feel the love after receiving their welcome bag at hotel check-in.

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#4 Convention (for VIPs)


Super large gatherings of out-of-town guests are synonymous with conventions. Giving out thousands of gift bags to every attendee is sometimes challenging and just not economical. However, snack gift bags could make a lot of sense as a memorable welcome amenity to convention VIPs. Is there a subset of companies that have tabled at your convention over the last five years? Reward them with a Local Flavor snack gift bag from Bowtiebags. Giving these VIPs an authentic snacking taste of their destination city will be a topic of conversation for years to come!




#3 Conference (Sponsorship Opportunity)


Coming in at number three on our list of Top Five Events to Give Out Welcome Bags:  Conference. Conference sponsors are always looking for creative ways to get in front of their target audience. A snack gift bag branded with the sponsor logo on the front and a personalized welcome letter and coupon promotion will not only capture conference attendees’ attention…it will hold their attention. They will tell their friends and family after the event about the lavish and extravagant snack gift bag they received from a conference sponsor! Upon arrival at hotel check-in, conference attendees will be pleasantly surprised to receive a welcome bag, setting precedent for all other conferences to follow. Making a great first impression is one thing; making a lasting, memorable impression is in a different universe. Warm up out of town guests with our conference welcome bags and utilize it as a valuable marketing vehicle for your corporate partners.




#2 Corporate Meetings (Employee Appreciation)


There is no better way to say “thank you” to your employees than surprising them with gifts at offsite corporate meetings. Not only do our corporate meeting gift bags reveal an underlying, perhaps unspoken appreciation for employees, they also enhance organizational morale. Employees who feel appreciated will be more willing to commit an organization’s goals and demands. You would be remiss not to include our corporate meeting bags at the next company meeting.




#1 Weddings


Wedding planning possesses all the potential to induce copious amounts of stress. Let us take one piece of the planning process off your shoulders! Engaged couples can personalize their welcome bags in a couple of ways to create an extra special warm welcome for their out-of-town guests: 1. design a custom 3” X 3” label and our concierge team will affix one to the front of each Bowtiebag and 2. upload 8.5” X 11” Schedule of Events document at checkout, which we will then print, trifold, and include a copy inside each wedding welcome bag.

Planning your wedding should be fun. Let Bowtiebags take the stress out of your big event. Our wedding welcome bags are guaranteed to create an unforgettable first impression with your wedding guests!


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