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Top 5 Delivery Spots for Welcome Bags

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Adam Bailey

Top 5 Delivery Spots for Welcome Bags


There are many different steps that go into creating and ordering the perfect attendee gift bags.  From the customization and personalization of the bags, to the contents that go inside the gift bags, there is a lot to do. However, let’s say that you made it easy, have already gone to Bowtiebags.com, and ordered your awesome welcome gift bags for your event attendees.  How should you arrange their distribution? There are plenty of options!


We’ve narrowed down the top five best spots to deliver your welcome bags.  So let’s go ahead and jump in, starting with number five!


#5 Chairs


Having welcome bags placed directly on or below an attendee’s chair ensures that each guest receives a their gift bag upon arrival at an event.  After the welcome bags are delivered to a specific location of your choosing prior to the meeting or event, place each of the guests’ gift bags on their seat.  This is an ideal way to place attendee gift bags for corporate meetings, speaker events, and small conferences.



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#4 Table


If you prefer to hand out attendee gifts after the event or conference, you may opt to have attendee welcome bags delivered to the venue and set them up on a table.  Many times, event organizers choose to order custom takeaway bags from Bowtiebags and then give them out at the very end of an event as thank-you gifts.  This method is great for gala dinners and Bar/Bat Mitzvahs as well!


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#3 Hotel Check-in


Instead of handing out snack gift bags after an event or conference, many event planners opt to distribute their welcome bags when their guests check in to th


eir hotel.  By providing registration bags at any event, it makes the event attendee feel welcomed and important, gives an everlasting first impression that they will rave to friends and family about! Hotel welcome bags are great for weddings, conferences, corporate meetings, bar/bat mitzvahs and conventions of any size.





#2 Event Registration


Instead of handing out welcome gift bags after an event or conference, many event planners opt to distribute their welcome bags as guests register for an event. This ensures they have something to snack on during the day. Make your event attendees feel appreciated; you’ll also bring out wide smiles!



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#1 Hotel Room Drop


To make event attendees feel extraordinary, surprise them! Consider placing welcome gift bags inside your guests’ hotel room.  This arrangement may cost a little more (some hotels will charge a service fee for this), but creating a memorable first impression is often times priceless. What better feeling would it be for an out of town guest, after a long day of travel, to arrive in their hotel room and be greeted by an amazing and personalized amenity gift bag.  Incentive travel recipients, corporate meeting attendees, and conference attendees will be sure to love it.  



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So, while it may be the final step in the welcome gift bag ordering process, deciding where to place snack gift bags is an important step and one that can ensure a great first impression towards any event guest!  And if you need any more help in ordering a fully customizable & personalized welcome bags, head over to Bowtiebags now!

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