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Registration Welcome Bags, by Bowtiebags

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Adam Bailey

Conferences and conventions are spaces for networking and learning.  They are also a great opportunity for the event organizer to create an unforgettable first impression with their event attendees.  

But planning and organizing a conference or convention can be stressful. A checklist often includes: setting the daily itinerary, confirming the list of speakers, organizing the registration process, making the travel and accommodation arrangements, securing sponsorships, finalizing the seating chart, collecting registration fees, contacting catering, securing any necessary permits or license, and publicizing the event online.




Providing a pre-filled, custom registration bag to out-of-town event attendees can create a positive and memorable first impression.  A common giveaway at the point of conference registration, conference attendees look forward to seeing what is included inside of these registration welcome bags.

Perfect for large events or conferences, our pre-filled registration welcome bags will ensure that unforgettable first impression!  Like any of our other products, these registration gift bags offer a wide variety of personalization and customization options to fit any need.

Not sold yet? Here are 6 reasons why event planners have chosen to work with Bowtiebags to fulfill this need.


1) Hassle-free  


Gift bags are delivered to any delivery location of your choosing (hotel, conference center, convention center). They come completely pre-filled and ready to distribute to your event attendees. We save event planners a ton of time, allowing you to devote more time to other important tasks before the big day!



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2) Source any logo-branded bag


We can source any type of bag: tote bag, drawstring bag, toiletry bag, backpack, reusable grocery bag, etc. and imprint or embroider your organization and sponsor logos on the front.



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3) Customized contents


We can place any pre-packaged snack item, along with any logo-branded promotional item inside of our registration bags.  Wish to highlight the destination city? Through our City-themed snack gift bag vendor partners, we can source local items made by snack vendors inside your destination city: Cleveland, Chicago, Las Vegas, and more!




4) Easy on the wallet


We work with any size budget, from $5 per bag up to $60+ per bag, to create the perfect registration bag that fits your event, and that your attendees will love and never forget!  Even better, every gift bag order includes FREE Ground shipping. You heard that right, FREE shipping on any gift bag order.



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5) Source any logo-branded promotional item


Pens, phone wallets, phone chargers…you name it!  If there is a certain logo-branded item you would like inside the guest welcome bags, Bowtiebags can source the item and place it inside each gift bag before we ship. Perfect for conferences and conventions with corporate sponsors, logo-branded merchandise can serve as a powerful marketing tool.


6) Printed materials


We can include brochures, fliers, booklets, and any other printed material inside of your attendee welcome registration bags.  Materials such as a conference schedule, company packet, and brochures highlighting the destination city can all contribute to a well-rounded and exceptional welcome bag that attendees will not soon forget.



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Above all else, attendees will love their event registration welcome bags!  So, what are you waiting for? Order yours today.

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