Wedding Gift Bags

Wedding Welcome Bags, Simplified

Your wedding day should be the happiest day of your life. Perfectly personalized wedding gift bags are a great way to say "Thank You" to those standing by your side for this magical moment. Our wedding welcome bags are personalized for the taste and style of your closest loved ones. Day after day, our customers tell us how wonderful it is to have the pefect gift bag delivered right on time for their wedding day. You may have already spent hours on Pinterest looking for wedding welcome bag ideas. Don’t worry, everybody does it! No more running all around town shopping for the perfect gift for you wedding party. Your wedding welcome bag shopping starts and ends right here at

You can get started right now by selecting your bag color, products, and custom label. Then just sit back and relax while we prepare the perfect wedding gift bag!

wedding welcome bags
wedding gift bags

Create Your Custom Wedding Welcome Bags

Pick your bag color

Choose one of 3 colors for your welcome bag.

Choose what goes inside

Sweet, salty, and some other essentials.. Your out-of-town guests from near and far will appreciate the refreshments after a tiring day of travel.

Design your label

Select one of our wedding label templates and customize it with your names, wedding date, and personal greeting! Your custom label will be placed on the front of each welcome bag.

Upload documents

We will print and include in your welcome bags any custom documents, such as a welcome letter, driving directions, and things to do while visiting the city.

wedding welcome bag ideas

Schedule Your Delivery

Whether your wedding is this coming weekend or in a few months, we will assemble your custom wedding welcome bags and ship them to you or your guests' hotel a few days before their arrival.

(We ship your welcome bags for delivery 4-7 days before your wedding, unless you specify differently Click here for information about delivery schedules and how shipping works)

wedding welcome bag ideas

Welcome Bags Arrive

Congratulations! You have made a memorable first impression with your out-of-town wedding guests!

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